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    Mission Critical Web Applications

    Obliquevision has been designing, developing and deploying mission critical enterprise scale web applications using the latest state of the practice technologies for over 15 years. We specialize in loacation based services, spatio-temporal systems, and end user decision making systems

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    Mobile Design, Development and Deployment

    Using our background in delivering mission critical web applications, ObliqueVision designs, develops and deploys mobile applications focused on location based systems, decision support and augmented reality.

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    Design Consultation

    ObliqueVision brings over 25 years of experience in the design of mission critical applications. Our work has spanned development in the DoD and Intelligence community to public and private sector applications. Our UI/UX design experience is focused on providing the right information at the right time for the right user.

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    Pro bono Work for Non Profits

    ObliqueVision actively contributes technical consultation and development to local non-profit and charitable organizations. We encourage our customers and partners to help deserving organizations with their unique skills.



The design process is crucial to the successful execution of a project. Beginning with the partners vision we rigorously explore design and development options using our background in UI/UX modeling. Since we are a design/build firm we are intimate with the technical aspects of the execution of the project and are able to address the pros and cons of technical approaches early in the evolution of the project. Read More



We believe in rapid prototype evolution in order to arrive at the appropriate solution. We are stong believers in the idea that the optimal solution are arrives at buy continuous design and prototype evolution and evaluation. We select the appropriate tools and techniques based on our experience with them understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Read More



The world of web based and mobile application deployment can be a departure from traditional system deployment. Continuous evolution of the product to address ever changing customer needs in order to maintain a competitive advantage is the hallmark of modern systems. We embrace this model of continuous design, development and deployment and architect our solutions appropriately. Read More

About Us

ObliqueVision is a Design/Build consultancy focused on mission critical web and mobile application technology. We bring a unique perspective that employs state of the art technologies to provide customers with leading edge solutions. Since we provide a continuum from the design to implementation our solutions are not only leading edge but also implementable is real world situations.

Our Passion

At ObliqueVision we thrive on unique challenges and inspired partners. This is why we prefer to work with organizations that are newly entering a technology area, are in early stage exploration or in stealth mode. We enjoy pushing the state of practice and are not afraid to reject conventional wisdom when it comes to rapidly evolving technology areas. We have been around long enough to realize that different models and platforms can facilitate extraordinary changes in the way users interact with information.


ObliqueVision endeavors to partner with forward looking organizations to apply state of the art practices to challenging information systems problems problems. We believe that the relationship between a visionary partner and the designer/developer is critical to the execution of projects that are innovative and forward looking. We are early adopters on leading edge technology that is disruptive to conventional solutions. Employing innovative solutions to challenging problems and bringing then to market rapidly is the key to success in any partner relationship. Contacts us to discuss your vision.