About Us

ObliqueVision is a Design/Build consultancy focused on mission critical web and mobile application technology. Oue customers are new entry, early stage and stealth level organizations. We bring a unique perspective that employs state of the art technologies to provide customers with leading edge solutions. Since we provide a continuum from the design to implementation our solutions are not only leading edge but also implementable is real world situations.

Our Focus

ObliqueVision focuses it's expertise on the following areas.

  • Mobile Development - Android Focused
  • Mission Critical Web Applications
  • Location Based Services
  • Tailored Situational Systems
  • Ubiquitous Systems
  • UI/UX related to Spatio-temporal Systems

Our Mission

ObliqueVision endeavors to partner with forward looking organizations to apply state of the art practices to challenging information systems problems problems. We believe that the relationship between a visionary partner and the designer/developer is critical to the execution of projects that are innovative and forward looking. We are early adopters on leading edge technology that is disruptive to conventional solutions. Employing innovative solutions to challenging problems and bringing then to market rapidly is the key to success in any partner relationship


Steve Hansen is a computer scientist and systems engineer with over 20 years of experience in the development and deployment of complex integrated information systems solutions. His applied focus is on the use of state of the art technologies and practices to deliver customer focused solutions in rich multi-source/media information environments that require tailored situational awareness, complex user interaction, mobile and location based services.

He has managed, developed and deployed mission critical decision support systems ranging from multi-source/media fusion systems and UAV motion imagery exploitation systems to secure credential delivery systems. His systems have been deployed in the Balkans, the Middle East, Europe, Korea, the 9/11World Trade Center incident, federal-state and private systems.

In his early career he spent 15 years conducting applied research on digital flight control and vehicle management systems for experimental and operational vehicles ranging from the Space Shuttle and B-1B to the X-31.

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